Title. Double Welcome / Bienvenue

. My art is  a reflection of my artistic inspirations based on childhood memories of traditions, culture and the beauty that surrounds us on this planet.

I am inviting you to take a look.
Get ready to travel my world  and catch a glimpse of various styles through a fusion of colors rarely seen on the art world  !  Whatever your taste is based upon, you will find yourself in a place of beauty which you can relate your soul to the magic of my inspirations, this is the place for you. My site is paved of beauty , yet luxurious, will make you feel more like you are walking in a Museum overlooking the garden of Eden

.Art is an entity that transforms the soul. It stipulates a sentiment of joy, plenitude, perfection and beauty. It represents a world vision where humanity is been exalted by shapes and colors. My passion for art is like a high slope torrent that spreads into my veins at elevated potency. It transcends love and sensibility.
My philosophy about art it could not be only the charm of the museum, but the pillar under the rooftop of all human kind where it holds its purity and eternity. 

Art is the first finding of humanity. It plays a fundamental role in daily, social, economic and religious life. I create forms by harmonizing rich colors, as William Alexander says; "I am a creator, I am next to God! The Almighty guides each stroke. Henry Jenkins with its cowboy hat and his long bear whispering. Bob Ross, with is parrot resting on his shoulder on the other end, and reveal all his tricks and knowledge about color pigmentation. A group of masters who genially made their presence known on this earth relevant to beauty such as Michelangelo Raphael, Picasso, Monet, Van Gog and many other artists, traveled through their time machine and paved a credo of unbelievable creativity.